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Hop film Wikipedia.
The critical consensus reads: It's' impressively animated, but Hop s script is so uninspired that not even James Marsden's' frantic mugging can give it any bounce" 13 It is the lowest-rated Illumination film on the site to date as of 2019.
hop Wiktionary.
From Middle English hoppen, from Old English hoppian to hop, spring, leap, dance, from Proto-Germanic huppn to hop, from Proto-Indo-European kewb to bend, bow. Cognate with Dutch hoppen to hop, German hopfen, hoppen to hop, Swedish hoppa to hop, leap, jump, Icelandic hoppa to hop, skip.
Air France Hop Wikipedia.
In February 2019, Air France announced that HOP! services will be rebranded as Air" France Hop. 8 The first aircraft received the revised livery being the one of Air France with small HOP! titles added in May 2019. On 1 September 2019, all HOP!
Hop Wikipedia.
At the Hop, a 1958 pop song by Danny the Juniors. Hop, a Viking settlement in Vinland. Hop River in Connecticut, United States. Hop River State Park Trail, also called the Hop River Trail, a rail trail in Connecticut. Humulus lupulus, the hop plant.
Hops Wikipedia.
Aroma hops are typically added to the wort later to prevent the evaporation of the essential oils, to impart hop" taste" if during the final 30 minutes of boil or hop" aroma" if during the final 10 minutes, or less, of boil.

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