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Hop film Wikipedia.
The critical consensus reads: It's' impressively animated, but Hop s script is so uninspired that not even James Marsden's' frantic mugging can give it any bounce" 13 It is the lowest-rated Illumination film on the site to date as of 2019.
hop Wiktionary.
From Middle English hoppen, from Old English hoppian to hop, spring, leap, dance, from Proto-Germanic huppn to hop, from Proto-Indo-European kewb to bend, bow. Cognate with Dutch hoppen to hop, German hopfen, hoppen to hop, Swedish hoppa to hop, leap, jump, Icelandic hoppa to hop, skip.
Air France Hop Wikipedia.
This new plan would see HOP! disappearing as a separate brand from Air France, transferring its Paris-Orly hub to Transavia France, and retiring its Bombardier CRJ fleet. Main articles: List of Air France destinations and List of Air France Hop destinations.
Hop Wikipedia.
Hop software, a web broker and programming language. Hindsight optimization, or Hop, an artificial intelligence technique. High Octet Preset, or HOP, a C1 control character. Spike application, an email app formerly known as Hop. Air France Hop, a French airline.
Hops Wikipedia.
4 The hop plant is a vigorous, climbing, herbaceous perennial, usually trained to grow up strings in a field called a hopfield, hop garden nomenclature in the South of England, or hop yard in the West Country and United States when grown commercially.

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