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What is Spice K2? Drug Facts, Effects, Use NIDA for Teens.
Usually, the chemicals are sprayed onto plant materials to make them look like marijuana. Because the chemicals used in Spice have a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit, the Drug Enforcement Administration has made many of the active chemicals found in Spice illegal.
What Is Spice / K2? Get The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana 2019 Update.
Spice synthetic cannabinoid was first sold as a recreational drug in 2004, in the UK. By 2006, it had gained a considerable hold on the UK market, and the brand name Spice along with another brand, K2 had become a generic term for all synthetic cannabis.
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Grinding a spice greatly increases its surface area and so increases the rates of oxidation and evaporation. Thus, the flavor is maximized by storing a spice whole and grinding when needed. The shelf life of a whole dry spice is roughly two years; of a ground spice roughly six months.
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Spice Girls, a 1990s pop girl group. Spice album, a 1996 album by the girl group Spice Girls. Spice" song, a 2011 song by the girl group Perfume. Spice, a slang term for synthetic cannabinoids also known as synthetic marijuana.
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Ian" Bussières: Le spice: la capitale craque pour les herbes" magiques" Société" Ian Bussières: The spice: the capital has fallen for magic" herbs" Society. Retrieved June 19, 2010. Une" pilule une petite granule: Le Spice, un substitut au cannabis" One pill one small granule: Spice, a substitute for cannabis.

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